Artificial Intelligence and The Future of Technical Writing

Technical writing process

In a recent Content and Coffee episode, “Is ChatGPT Going to Take my Technical Writing Job?”,  Patrick Bosek, CEO at Heretto, Scott Abel, Content Evangelist at Heretto and Content Wrangler, and Mike Iantosca, Sr. Director of Content Platforms at Avalara, discussed whether AI would take over technical writing jobs in the near future. The conversation Read More »

How to Create an Effective Employee Training Manual

An employee training manual can make or break an organization’s efficiency. Effective training procedures make employees more excited and engaged in their work. Without proper education on company roles and values, employees become disengaged and unsatisfied with their roles, leading to a high turnover.  An effective employee training manual is the secret to having happy Read More »

Here’s the key to amazing customer service

Customer service

What exactly do customers want? That’s the golden question that every business tries to answer in its own way with customer service. All too often, our focus is on the products and services we sell, and customer experience tends to be more of an afterthought. But we need to be giving just as much attention Read More »

Customer Experience Stats You Should Know In 2023

Self Service stats

The last few years have dramatically changed the landscape of customer interaction, and it will only continue to shift in the future. It's important to understand these changes, especially with customer experience, so we can give customers what they want.  One of the biggest ways that customer experience is changing is the rise of automated Read More »