Creating ANSI Compliant Hazard Statements in Heretto

Ever wonder if Heretto can handle your specific type of Hazard Statements? Our product is created to streamline the documentation process for a variety of industries.  Many highly-regulated industries use Heretto to create manuals and documents for their products. One of the benefits of using Heretto is the ability to control the authoring and review Read More »

Documentation Delivery That Increases Leads

Documentation is a big part of a customer’s purchasing process Content is king. But if you have amazing content that’s not easily accessible, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. We know that customers use our documentation after they purchase our product or services, but they also use it before they become our customers. Our Read More »

Why Should I Create a Knowledge Base?

Here’s a not-so-secret secret — customers would actually prefer to solve their problems on their own. Sitting on hold to talk to a real person, or worse, some kind of bot, is everyone's last resort.  But we can give people what they want.  What if your customer support wasn’t the place where your customers got Read More »

[VIDEO] Best Practices for Creating & Managing Release Notes (Part One)

Release notes are important and deserve your attention. This presentation covers two important subjects: How to better create high quality, personalized release notes to improve customer confidence, satisfaction, and to attract new customers How to break down barriers to managing and creating the following deliverables in complex environments: Multiple product lines Multiple versions Multiple user Read More »