How to Create an Effective Employee Training Manual

An employee training manual can make or break an organization’s efficiency. Effective training procedures make employees more excited and engaged in their work. Without proper education on company roles and values, employees become disengaged and unsatisfied with their roles, leading to a high turnover.  An effective employee training manual is the secret to having happy Read More »

Creating Great Content with HyperSTE in Heretto

HyperSTE is the content optimization tool for all technical writers. Whether you’re a freelancer, small-to-medium-sized business, or enterprise, HyperSTE helps you create clarity in writing, align your content with your style guide and other content objectives, get quality and cost-saving metrics, and win new customers with engaging content. With the release of 9.5, HyperSTE is Read More »

[VIDEO] How To Create PowerPoint Slides From DITA Topics in Heretto

We’ve done MS Word to DITA, so why stop there? We do presentations, too. Build content in DITA and convert it to PowerPoint, fast. We’ve talked about Single Source of Truth and multi-channel publishing a fair bit, but we haven’t conversed about one ubiquitous presentation channel: publishing to PowerPoint slides from DITA topics in Heretto.  Read More »

How to Write a Good DITA Task Topic

The DITA task topic was made for a reason, let’s make sure you’re writing your tasks with the best practices in mind.  What Is a DITA Task Topic? A task topic is a DITA content component built for clear, concise, step-by-step instructions. I like food, and recipe instructions are a prime example of a DITA Read More »

The DITA Task Topic: Why You Should Use It

You wouldn’t write a novel to explain how to make coffee. You’d write it in a few easy steps.  The DITA Task Topic Is for Completing Tasks Aptly named, the DITA task topic presents clear steps that guide someone toward completing a -- you guessed it -- task. Like making coffee or baking a pie.  Read More »