What is a Component Content Management System?

A Component Content Management System (CCMS) is a system that lets you manage content at a component level. A CCMS allows your teams to author, manage and share content in real-time across any website, app, portal, or knowledge base. This system tracks links, versions, and metadata associated with each component. It gives you unparalleled granular Read More »

It’s Called Customer Experience, Not Prospect Experience

There are reasons the best customer experience continues post-sale. There’s a scene in Toy Story 2 where Andy drops Woody, his favorite toy, on the floor while saying: “I don’t want to play with you anymore.” That scene broke my millennial heart back in ‘99. Woody wasn’t shiny or new anymore, but he’d been there Read More »

Technology Isn’t a Substitute for Content Strategy

Tech doesn't make the content strategy. Just like the new golf clubs don't make you Tiger.  The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the face of work, especially the move from brick-and-mortar, in-person work to distributed, remote work.  In the process, organizations have gone through the gauntlet as far as adapting to the myriad of changes involved Read More »

Content Operations 101: Where People, Process, and Automation Converge

Organizations have been operationalizing every aspect of business. People Ops, DevOps, Business Ops, Revenue Ops, Marketing Ops, all the way up to Chief Operations Officers. If it’s a function of modern business, chances are an “ops” suffix has been tacked onto it.  And there’s a good reason for it. Departments began realizing they can’t achieve Read More »

5 Reasons To Ask Customers What They Want To Experience

Dictating every aspect of customer experience is customer-experience-tyranny.   Nothing like a little hyperbole to start the article. But, it’s not far off! Think about it. Customer experience has been an ongoing and on-growing topic of conversation across global enterprises for years. There’s a multi-billion dollar CX industry that peddles strategies, software, and consultancies hell-bent on Read More »

4 Ways To Improve Customer Experience with Content that Communicates

Communication is the foundation of better customer service. Not all content is created equal. From your user’s perspective, your content (whether through a support team or self-help content) either serves to communicate value, or add confusion. Ask yourself; “Does our support team communicate solutions well to customers? Does our content communicate clear, helpful answers to Read More »

How to Create Learning Assessments from Existing Content

  You shouldn’t create every single learning assessment from scratch.  In fact, learning assessments are prime candidates for something called content reuse. You already have a library of content that supports your customers and personnel. That content should remain explicitly helpful to whoever's looking for it. If it's already there and you have a team Read More »

What Is the Best Standard for Technical Documentation?

Which technical documentation standard is the "best?" This question is loaded with proverbial hills that technical writers will gladly die on. But you should think of it less like an entrenched battle and more like a quest to find what works for you and your organization. We’re going to explore each hill, see which to Read More »