Translation Management Made Easy: Webinar

Translation Management Made Easy!

It’s always easier when you create, manage, translate, and publish all from the same system.

Gosia Radymiak, Customer Success Manager at Heretto, and Rory Sampair, Solutions Architect at XTM International will demonstrate how to create content and send it for translation in Heretto, use XTM workbench to translate content and return the translated content back to Heretto for management and multi-channel publishing.

Gosia Radymiak

Custom Success Manager & Operations Manager, Jorsek Inc

Gosia Radymiak is a Customer Success Manager for Heretto, a DITA Component Content Management System based in Rochester. She works to train and assist international users of Heretto’s software. 

Prior to working for Heretto, Gosia earned experience within the tech comm industry at IBM and Motorola Solutions as a Technical Writer, Learning Program Manager, and eventually the Team Lead at Motorola Solutions in 2015.

Rory Sampair

Solutions Architect, XTM International

Rory Sampair, a Solutions Architect for XTM International, has over six years’ experience in localization Project Management and Solutions Architecture starting his career within leading language service providers as Localization Project Manager. At XTM, Rory collaborates with clients throughout the onboarding process to formulate bespoke solutions for effectively attaining client goals and key performance indicators.

About the Presentation

Heretto and XTM International have partnered to make content translation better, faster, stronger.

Attendees will learn to create, manage, translate, and publish from within Heretto while automating workflows and resource assignments within XTM. Simplify the translation process, while having total control over translation job status and costs.