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Enterprise-Grade Chatbot Technology

Heretto Bot Backend provides the content management and the logic engine that your chatbot needs for valuable interactions. Using the Bot Backend as a platform for managing responses you can create a sustainable chatbot solution.

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Heretto Bot Backend automates content maintenance for your bot. Content is published directly so there is no copy and paste or retyping. Schedule syncs to happen regularly or when content is updated so your chatbot content stays up-to-date. You can focus on documenting without worrying about your chatbot becoming obsolete.


Heretto Bot Backend allows your chatbot to provide contextual answers that match each customer question rather than defaulting to stored responses. Heretto manages the microcontent the bot uses to formulate replies instead of writing thousands of variations on a single topic. Heretto uses an open standard file format that semantically enriches your topics to be easily parsed by chatbots.


With a single source to store and manage all your content at a granular level, you can reuse and reassemble topics to fit multiple use cases from online support to learning and training. Heretto provides a structured authoring environment to create modular content that is simple to reuse. Maintaining your content in Heretto enables you to scale all your chatbot content while keeping your costs down.

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Supplement Your Customer Support Team with a Chatbot

Large companies often struggle to get information to customers efficiently. To solve this problem, Allstate Business Insurance used Heretto as a single source system to give all employees access to updated company knowledge.

Now, they’ve taken it a step further. Utilizing Heretto, they developed a chatbot for customer support that handles thousands of queries and saves customer support personnel resources. Read the full case study. 

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