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Multi Channel Publishing

Deliver manuals to customers up to 60% faster

Unlike regular text editors, Heretto is structured authoring software built for content reuse, collaboration, review, and publishing technical support content including:


Customer Support Documentation


User Manuals & Guides


Product, API, & Release Notes


Chatbot Support & Portal


Learning & Training Content


Policies & Procedure Documentation

Learn how to speed up your publishing

Speedy tools for technical writers:

  • The only fully-collaborative XML software on the planet
  • Robust CCMS managing your content and images
  • Publishing to most file formats like PPT, PDF, HTML5, SCORM, and XML
  • Send review assignments to anyone in your company
  • Translation memory so you never get charged twice for the same content
  • Browser-based so it works on all operating systems

“75% of consumers feel self-service is a convenient way to address their support issues.”
Nuance Enterprise 


Watch this 1-minute video to learn what Heretto can do for you.

Current problems

Our content updates frequently

Keeping our product updated is overwhelming.

Our products are complex

There’s a lot to learn. On-boarding is lengthy and expensive.

We have multiple audences

We need to support multiple roles for our products.

Our content is all over the place

We don’t have a single location for our content.

Heretto Solution

Use powerful reports and reuse tools

Change text once and update everywhere with content reuse.

Structured authoring for scalability

Write structured content that’s scalable and manageable.

Audience management is easy

Tag the content you want to only show to specific audiences.

A single sourced system that works

All content easily searchable within one tool.

“Using Heretto we’ve been able to streamline our publishing process, improve our search, and lower our call center support costs. The Heretto project has been, and continues to be, a significant win for Allstate Business Insurance.”

— Larry Porter, Content Manager at Allstate

Join the future of technical communication

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Speed up your documentation with Heretto

“The entire Heretto product, from authoring through to publishing has been intuitive, flexible, and robust. Additionally, the Heretto support team has been phenomenal in their responsiveness and effectiveness.”

— Steve George, Manager of Content Management and Training, Skyward

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