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Orchestrate your content from a single source 

Information architecture with peerless scalability built in.

Why Use Heretto?

Heretto is an end-to-end Component Content Management System that allows you to control every aspect of your content.

  • Control the taxonomical structure of your company knowledge
  • Manage structured reuse with full link management
  • Speed up your search time with metadata-based faceted search
  • Manage your translated content and monitor its status
  • Pull audit trails and version histories immediately

You finally have a tool that enables management that matters. As a cloud-based open platform, Heretto becomes your single source of truth in a complex content ecosystem. Not just a tool, but a foundation of trust for your organization’s knowledge.

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Component Content Management

More than just a content management system, Heretto gives you control over every detail of your content — at the component level. Manage everything from full documents to topics to the elements and attributes within topics. This level of granularity enhances your ability to reuse content, provides more control, and ensures information accuracy across your whole library.


Version History & Audit Trail

With Heretto’s content history system, you don’t need to worry about losing older versions of your documentation. Review, manage, and restore previous versions of your content whenever you need to. Need to see where changes were made? No problem. You can pull a full content audit trail anytime you want.


Link Management

Quickly view link status and file dependencies. Heretto provides visual link summaries based on content type, DITA element, and link type. Your main hub for link management across your content library.

Link Management


Fast Faceted Search

Heretto harnesses your metadata for lightning-fast search. Search Heretto using a combination of information: keywords, review status, creation date, content owner, or whatever else to track down what you’re looking for.

The Tool You Need
The Capabilities That Matter


Single Source Content System

Single source capabilities for enterprise-grade learning content

Easy Content Reuse

Reuse your content and maintain complete control with full link management across your content library


Fast Content Search

Powerful, faceted search provides near-instant results based on keyword search and metadata filtering


Top Translation Management

Translation and localization management lets you package your content, send it for translation, and monitor the status of all your localized content


Regulatory Content Management

Audit trails, eSignature, and version history are ready to pull at a moment’s notice

World Class Content Governance

A robust information architecture with inbuilt search, taxonomy, metadata, version control, and permission management

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