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Heretto is a platform for creators

An intuitive yet powerful interface built to let authors create and content shine.

Why Use Heretto?

It’s not just what you create, but how you create it. Content built in legacy systems is inflexible, siloed, and static. By creating your content in Heretto, you enable better inputs from subject matter experts, faster review times, and a more robust information architecture that rewards your organization continuously.

Heretto’s authoring engine balances the functionality requirements of technical authors with ease of use and an intuitive interface for more casual users.

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Access Control

Control document access so reviewers can edit, suggest, comment, or only view content. Administrators can also grant restricted, temporary access to individual collaborators.


Robust Map Management

Heretto’s map editor enables users to edit the structure of a map and its submaps all in one place without needing to open multiple submaps. Add and reorder topics, maps, and sub-maps by dragging and dropping them into your current map structure. 


Source Editor

Use the source editor to view and edit a topic’s XML structure. With the side-by-side view, you can edit the code alongside the rendered topic.


Rapid Review Widget

Use the review widget to jump to topics and comments that need your attention. All comments are front-loaded for a faster review experience. Simply click the comment and Heretto takes you where you need to be.


Simultaneous Collaboration

No more getting locked out of files or dealing with obnoxious change merging processes. Heretto has the only real-time, fully collaborative DITA editor on the market. Create and review XML in an environment that feels like Google Docs™.



Heretto enables Schematron for rule-based validation of your content. When a content rule is broken, a tick-mark appears next to the error. Users can hover over the mark to see how to fix the issue.

The Tool You Need
The Capabilities That Matter

Clean and Intuitive

Clean, intuitive, and lighting fast interface means minimal training for reviewers and fewer distractions for power users


Stellar Content Modeling

Customize content types, select individual fields and organize entries into hierarchies that suit your needs

True Collaboration

Real-time, Google Docs like collaboration allows authors and reviewers to work in the same document at the same time


Microsoft Word Conversion

Feeling trapped? Convert your Word Documents to Heretto with our built-in conversion tool

Automated Workflows

Automated Workflows keep you moving and speed your content lifecycle by 60% or more

Document Access Control

Control document access for your whole team. Assign permissions and roles like edit, suggest, comment, view only, etc.

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