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Content Authoring

Accelerated DITA Authoring

Heretto’s simultaneous collaboration speeds up the authoring process. Multiple authors can open and create DITA content in the same topic or map simultaneously, decreasing the time it takes to create and build deliverables.

Access Control

Document access can be controlled so reviewers can either edit, suggest, comment, or only view content. Administrators can also grant restricted, temporary access to individual collaborators for maps and topics.

Robust Map Management

Heretto’s map editor enables users to edit the structure of a map and its submaps all in one place without needing to open submaps separately. Topics, maps, and sub-maps can be added and reordered by dragging and dropping into your current map structure.

Source Editor

Power users can use the source editor to view and edit a topic’s XML structure. With the side by side view, edit the code alongside the rendered topic.

Rapid Review Widget

Use the review widget to quickly jump to the topics and comments that need your attention. All comments are front-loaded for a faster review experience. Simply click the comment and Heretto takes you to the applicable topic.

Fast Key Search

Finding and inserting key references is easy and fast. Heretto automatically fills the key search with the term that your cursor is in and searches for a matching key. Or, you can enter a key and Heretto will search for keys matching the term you enter and return to top results.

Automatic Save

Heretto automatically saves all your changes as you type. You can even use revision history to see old versions of the same document, ordered by revision date.

Lightning-Fast Load Time

When dealing with large maps, loading times matter. Heretto loads maps with hundreds of topics in milliseconds. As you scroll, topics dynamically load, giving you what you need exactly when you need it.

Real-Time Validation

As soon as you open a map, Heretto automatically analyzes it for any validation issues and provides error indicators and details so you know where the issues are and how to fix them. This enables your team to address any validation issues before publishing.

Consistent Standards

Heretto supports Schematron for rule-based validation of your content. When a content rule is broken, a tick-mark appears next to the error. Users can then hover over the mark to see helpful information about how to fix the issue.

Outline View

Heretto’s outline view provides a high-level perspective of a topic’s DITA structure. Authors can use the Outline tab to draft, fill out, or revise the structure of a topic. The structures that display are configurable and correspond to your organization’s document types.

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