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Single Source Content Management

Component Management

More than just a Content Management System, Heretto gives you control over every detail of content components. Heretto gives you the power to manage everything from publications to topics to the elements and attributes within topics. This level of granularity enhances reuse, provides you more control of your content, and ensures accuracy of information in all of your documentation.

Fast Navigation

Heretto’s Content Manager has a common folder structure, including bread crumbs, making navigation through the repository fast, intuitive, and simple.

Link Management

You can quickly view the status of links and dependencies for any file. Heretto provides graphical summaries of links based on content type, DITA element, and link type. This allows for more effective management of links throughout your documentation.

Native XML Database

Native XML databases are superior for managing document-based files. Heretto is built from the ground up in a native XML database that supports full XQuery. This allows for highly complex searches.

Content History and Versioning

With Heretto’s content history system, you don’t need to worry about losing older versions of your documentation. Review, manage, and restore previous versions of your documentation whenever you need to.


Heretto supports extremely flexible and powerful analytic reporting. Relying on a native XML database, Heretto’s integrated reporting system can provide in-depth information, including map status, workflow, content status, linking structures, and much more.


Heretto’s REST API enables other platforms and programs to quickly integrate with Heretto. You can keep your preferred tools for displaying your content while using Heretto as a centralized location to create, manage, and publish your content.


Heretto offers advanced security measures to keep your information safe. We use SOC 3 certified hosting facilities and strong encryption practice, following open standards and guidelines. Enterprise-level customers are on private, segregated deployments and can connect their LDAP or SAML compliant Single Sign On (SSO) systems. Organizations with highly sensitive content can further manage security controls as needed. Contact us for specific details about your security requirements.


Heretto operates entirely in the cloud. Access your content from any connected computer, at any location. Just open a compatible browser and get to work on your content.

Manage User and Groups

Administrators can grant permissions and modify user roles easily in the Users interface. You can also configure folders and documents to restrict the information visible to specific user groups.

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