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Multi-Channel Publishing

Single Source Content

A single source of truth means that your content resides in one location that’s accessible to your entire authoring team. Changes made to your documentation happen in your central repository, eliminating copies with various changes that then have to be merged back into a single publication.

DITA Open Toolkit Support

Heretto supports DITA Open Toolkit versions 1.x and 2.x, with no custom coding required. Our Plugins interface enables you to easily upload other DITA-OT versions and plugins, which makes configuring and running complex publishing operations easy.

Conditionalized Documentation

Write all your content in one place, and ‘tag’ content meant for different audiences. By conditionalizing your content, you can filter out and publish only the content that is relevant to the specific audience or context.

Publishing Connector

Heretto can connect to other systems via our REST API. Pairing our publishing connector with another system enables advanced content publishing across channels and devices. Out of the box, Heretto can connect to MindTouch. Contact us to learn more.


Heretto’s Dynamic Portal provides the power to get your content deployed quickly and easily, with the full power of an API-first, headless approach to delivering content-as-a-service: 

  • Create specific audience experiences
  • Integrated multiple systems into 1 visual design
  • Advanced user and permissions management

Publish to Any Unicode Language

Heretto publishes are fully Unicode-compliant, allowing for text in any language. Heretto’s localization system organizes all the translated versions of your content and makes them available in a simple drop-down menu in the publishing screen. 

Error Reporting

Heretto’s pre-publish error checker displays validation and linking errors in your content, making it easier to catch and fix errors before you publish.

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