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Fully Collaborative Review

Simultaneously Collaborate

There’s no more getting locked out of files or dealing with painful change merging processes. Heretto has the only real-time, fully collaborative DITA editor on the market. Create and review XML in an environment that feels like Google Docs™.

Rapid Review

Within seconds of receiving an assignment, reviewers can jump into a clean review environment that’s streamlined and familiar to help them work quickly.

Change Tracking

Reviewers can add suggested changes directly to the text, with each reviewers’ changes displaying in a different color. Authors or editors can then accept or reject the changes. If the changes are accepted, they become part of the text. If not, they disappear but are saved in the file’s revision history.

Familiar Reviewer Interface

Reviewers no longer need extensive training in a specialized tool. For reviewers, the document feels as familiar and intuitive as a PDF, enabling them to quickly leave their suggestions and comments. Editors, authors, and reviewers can also tag one another in comments by using the @ symbol, which notifies the users that a document needs their attention.

Reviewer Mode

Document access can be controlled so reviewers can either edit, suggest, comment, or view content. Reviewers can add comments or suggestions, and only authors have full editing access. This safeguards your content against unintended or accidental changes to the text itself.

Cut Minutes to Milliseconds

When dealing with large maps, loading times matter. Heretto loads maps with hundreds of topics in milliseconds. When scrolling, topics dynamically load, giving you what you need exactly when you need it.

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