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Single Source of Truth

A single source of truth for all your content. Make it easy for your team to maintain up-to-date content without silos.

  • Version control
  • Branching
  • Releases
  • Track changes
Heretto release branch and history menus

“Before Heretto, we had to make generic content. Now we can make conditionalized courses with the same content, and offer a great customer experience without incurring massive additional overhead. Customer satisfaction scores went through the roof!”

— Steve George, Manager of Content Management and Training, Skyward

Publish Audience Specific Content Everywhere

Managing content for multiple audiences and formats is no longer a tedious process. Conditionalize your content and build style templates for every publishing output you need.

  • Customer Support Documentation
  • Product, API, & Release Notes
  • Learning & Training Content
  • User Manuals & Guides
  • Chatbot Support & Portal
  • Publish to PPT, PDF, HTML5, SCORM, XML, & more

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Collaboration For The Whole Company

With Heretto, teams work together, not one at a time. Heretto is the only XML editor that allows multiple users to edit at the same time, and it’s the first system to prioritize the reviewer’s experience. By offering collaboration and usability, Heretto cuts review cycles by up to 40%.

  • Real-time collaboration
  • Commenting and direct mention co-workers
  • Track changes and make suggestions
  • Customizable review steps including eSignature
  • Easily create assignments in a matter of minutes
Collaboration Heretto Authoring UI

“Using Heretto, we’ve been able to streamline our publishing process, improve our search, and lower our call center support costs. The Heretto project has been, and continues to be, a significant win for Allstate Business Insurance.”

— Larry Porter, Content Manager at Allstate

Cost-Effective Localization Management

Easily package your content, send it out for translation, and upload the translated content back into your system.

  • Save money, only retranslate what you change
  • Localization Manager provides up to date information on the status of localized content
  • Supports XLIFF and third-party translation tools
Unicode characters in all languages

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