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“I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!”

Scrambling about, late for something — likely not the documentation review process — the White Rabbit from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a picture of plenty of modern enterprises. This chaos of activity is familiar to entire corporate departments frantically trying to get a product launch out the door with the correct documentation to match.

Your developers, engineers, and other SMEs audit product documentation changes. But, instead of a consistent cadence of work, they see a dramatic spike in reviews during pre-launch periods. Unfortunately, this means that incomplete or inaccurate product documentation often delays the product launch.

There’s a lot on the line here, too. Most importantly, your promise to customers expecting timely releases. You also have stakeholders looking at product roadmaps that you laid out yourself! It’s that clunky documentation review process with all its bottlenecks, hangups, and unresponsive parties.

Something should be done about it. How much could you reduce your time to market if you streamlined the documentation review process?

With Heretto as the base for your documentation, you can assign SMEs to review only the content with changes that they’re responsible for reviewing. Rather than having them sift through entire books, manuals, email attachments, etc., they’re sent only what they need to review, saving a bunch of time.


Heretto’s Documentation Review Process


The documentation review process doesn’t have to be a grueling series of begrudging hand-offs (the dev team won’t bite, I think?), flinch-inducing Slacks messages (if you “circle back” one more time…), and passive-aggressive emails (per my previous message).

That’s why we made it focus on the key aspects of the reviewer experience:

    • Access
    • Navigation
    • Editorial User Experience

During the content creation process, we have workflows.

In those workflows, you can assign a reviewer to a piece of content. Once the content reaches that point in the workflow, the reviewer will receive an automated email notification with a link directly to the content they need to review.

No more searching through “lost” emails, weeks of Slack messages, or making awkward desk visits.

Once a reviewer is in the system, the review widget makes navigating, commenting, suggesting, and editing the document as familiar as Google Docs. When a reviewer finishes making their edits, the workflow passes the content back to the writer by sending another automated email alert for them to accept or reject the changes.

That’s it.

Kickstart your documentation review process by designing it with reviewers in mind. For more things Heretto is capable of, head over to our Product Pulse page for the latest what’s what in Heretto.

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