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The Fastest Way to Deploy Your Content Online

Focus on what really matters
Who’s it for? Teams with small doc sites (1500 topics or less) who need to quickly publish content to a simple, beautiful, out-of-the-box static site.

Your Readers Really Care About Two Things…

Can they find it fast, and is it helpful?

Everything else is secondary. This challenges you to develop a sort of focused pragmatism around your content deployment. 

You need to give your readers exactly what they need while simplifying your workflow so you can better allocate your time and resources. 

And That’s what you can do with Heretto.

We just released a brand new Connector for Docusaurus, an open source, static website generator. 

All you need to do is write and arrange your content, within Heretto. 

Then when you publish, Docusaurus will combine your content and design template to generate a static website in minutes. 

You can also automate the web hosting through Netlify, and just like that, your content is published online as a crazy fast static website.

This generator comes out of the box with fast, clean templates, But if you want to make updates to the design, you can do so simply by updating the design files in GitHub and pasting the URL. 

This static website is (ironically) all signal and no noise. 

A distillation of your product content, laid out in the exact way a customer wants it. Componentized, rapid loading, searchable, and clean. 

If your tired of wasting time on secondary concerns, focus on what matters and check out The Heretto Connector for Docusaurus. 

The fastest way to deploy your knowledge, product, and learning content online. 

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