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Publish Personalized Content 

Tag / Filter / Publish

Who’s it for? Anyone publishing similar content sets to multiple audiences. Filter based on product, platform, geography, channel, industry… The possibilities are endless!

Audience-Specific Output That’s All Signal and No Noise 🔊 

Here’s the situation, you’ve got a LOT of content BUT, not everyone needs to see every piece of conten

So… what do you do? 

This is where conditionalization comes to the rescue. 

Conditionalization is a big word that means to filter content based on the intended audience. 

That’s it 🤯. 

Simple in concept and with Heretto in execution as well. 

All you need to do is take your content and add metadata tags based on intended audience. 

You can tag the content based on product model, version, geography, whether they are an employee or a customer, the department publishing the content… Really, you can tag based on anything you want. 

Once your content is all tagged, you create a filter that specifies how the publishing engine should handle the content based on those tags. You can choose whether to include or exclude content based on a single tag or a combination of tags.

And finally you can publish to one or multiple outputs simultaneously without any manual formatting involved (This is called multi-channel publishing and it’s basically a super power for your content). 

These capabilities enable content strategists to have the kind of granular creative control they’ve only ever dreamed of. 

The end result is an audience-specific output that’s all signal / no noise.

Tag, filter, and publish personalized content, with Heretto. 

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