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Heretto Explained

Learn How Heretto Enables Mass-Customization for Your Content
Who’s it for? Anyone who wants to deliver knowledge, reference, and product content to the right person. (You!) 

You’ve Got An Amazing Product! But… 

It’s cutting edge and solves problems that your customers don’t even know that they have. 

But amazing products get overlooked because people are comfortable with what’s familiar. 

So you need to prove value. You need to deliver  information that answers questions, raises interest, and creates buzz. 

This is where Heretto comes to help. 

Most content systems make it possible to write, but managing, translating, and publishing are just a series of expensive slowdowns and headaches. 

Heretto is an end-to-end enterprise content platform that lets you write in a way that actually improves your ability to create, manage, and deploy awesome knowledge content.

Here’s how it works. 

Heretto uses a powerful industry-standard and packages it in a modern browser-based user interface. 

So while it feels like your writing in a Google doc , you’re actually creating a structured content block, also called atomized content. Other terms include microcontent, components, modular, or something else, the point is that it’s self-contained and reusable.

Now the best part is that while it’s atomized and reusable it’s also customizable… at scale. 

This is a revolutionary way to leverage content.

One industry that figured out Atomization a while ago is the automotive industry.

Originally, they had manual production where there was some division of labor, but vehicles were built one at a time by teams. 

Then came mass production. Concepts like the assembly lines meant producers could dramatically increase output while reducing costs. However, customization wasn’t possible alongside mass production. 

Finally, we entered the era of mass customization. Mass customization meant that parts were treated as modular pieces that could slot in wherever desired. That meant they were interchangeable for different models. Suddenly, multiple car models had multiple options and the customer could choose the best car they desire. . That’s atomization.

Now content is undergoing the same shift, but not all at once. 

Some organizations, whether due to old processes or tools, are still using a manual production method. This is fine if you only need one output. But that use case is pretty rare. 

Most organizations are in the mass production phase where they can reuse large sections of content. But maintenance is difficult and customization is impossible. 

The last phase is mass customization. At this level, knowledge content is transformed into a competitive advantage. Content is atomized and ready for customization based on the context, the audience, or the output. 

This is hyper-personalized content at scale! 

Your PDF product manuals, customer help-site, employee knowledge portal, support chatbot, consumer-facing mobile app, everything is hyper-personalized content served to the right audience in a medium they desire.

Resulting in a remarkable self-service customer and employee experiences.

Get Heretto and transform your knowledge and product content into a competitive advantage today.

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