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How Leverage Microcontent

Call it Atomized, Call it Components, Call it Topics… Microcontent Works.
Who’s it for? Organizations who want to deliver the right answers to the right questions in the right format. 

If You Have a Question, You Want an Answer

Not a download. Not a phone number. Not a ticket submission! 

Sure, all of these channels are necessary at some point, but most customer questions have succinct, deliverable answers. 

Problem is, these answers are embedded in your long-form content. And most customers don’t have the patience to dig those answers out. So they either contact you, or go somewhere else. 

You want to create your content in a way that’s optimized for the strategic use of your limited resources. 

That’s why you should consider microcontent in Heretto. 

There are plenty of names for microcontent… But the point of this methodology is that content is created as a self-contained, to-the-point, modular blocks of knowledge. 

And that’s what Heretto is all about. 

Our users see awesome ROI, savings, faster time to market, reduced call volumes, happier customers, but all of those things are trickle down effects of microcontent properly executed.

Each container is optimized for a different purpose with all of the necessary schema and structure built-in. There’s are general purpose containers, but also uniquely specialized ones for things like references, definitions, learning assessments, how-to guides… Anything you need. 

These blocks have incredible flexibility. Better management and findability, cheaper for translation, automated formatting for fast publication. 

Content versatility unlocked with Heretto.

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