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How to Reduce Customer Support Tickets (by 40%)

Better Content Along Every Touchpoint of the Customer Journey
Who’s it for? Organizations who want to publish their best content to every channel. Self-service, customer support 

Optimize Self-Service and Customer Support  

 Are you delivering the right answers to your customer’s questions? 

You’ve got two primary ways to do this – Customer Support and Self-Service.

Unfortunately, companies will often focus on one to the detriment of the other.

Customers want answers that are: 

  • Fast
  • Consistent across channels
  • Clear
  • Easy to access

Basically, customers want answers to work for them, and to do that you can’t focus on just one channel. 

Fortunately, with Heretto, you don’t have to choose. 

Heretto lets you create helpful content once and deploy it wherever you need it. 

Whether that is your support team, your help-portal, PDFs, a chatbot, zendesk, salesforce – all of these outputs become answer-delivering-touchpoints along your customer’s journey. 

Here’s how that’s possible. In Heretto, you don’t write a document, you write modular blocks of content. These blocks are concise and focused on answering a specific question regardless of context. 

And these blocks are format-agnostic. That means they only contain content, formatting is added automatically when you publish even if you publish to all your outputs simultaneously.

So what’s the result? 

Heretto users often see as much as a 40% reduction in help desk volume.

And those tickets are resolved as much as 3x faster. 

And those numbers, actually make sense. When you write in Heretto, you’re creating a library of answers, each one of which can be pulled at a moment’s notice across all of your channels. 

Answers ready to deploy with Heretto

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