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Integrated eSignature Workflow

Less risk and a faster process

Who’s it for? Any highly regulated industry where eSignatures are a must have and you want a faster process that maintains regulatory compliance. Examples include Medical Device Manufactuers, Telecommunications, Oil and Gas, Financial Services, Industrial Automation, and many more. 

Regulatory Compliance 🤝 Faster Process

If you work in highly regulated industries like medical device manufacturing, you probably know about the importance of getting signatures 🖋️

This simple little task, (you know, just getting some ink on a page) it can be super difficult and slow down your entire document process which can also impact product release.

To solve this, we here at Heretto developed an integrated eSignature workflow 🥳

With this tool, signatures are collected within Heretto, easily.

You can use it for:
• product manuals
• instructions for use (IFU)
• directions for use (DFU)
• clinical evaluation reports (CER)
• summaries of safety and clinical performance (SSCP)
• really anything you need

So how does it work?

It’s pretty straightforward. You can design a document workflow customized to your use case. In the past, this workflow could have steps for writing, editing, technical review, legal review… anything you need. Now, you can also add an esignature step to the end of that workflow or after each review phase. It’s totally up to your needs.

Once your workflow is designed, you simply assign one or multiple users to each step. It’s that easy.

And you don’t have to worry about managing this workflow. Once one step in the workflow is complete, it automatically triggers an email notification to the next person or persons in line.

This way, instead of stop-start-staggered motion, you can get your team running smoothly like a relay team handing off the baton.

This keeps things moving without sacrificing compliance to strict regulatory requirements like FDA 21 CFR Part 11 or whatever ISO requirements you need.

Less risk and a faster process with Heretto.

Want to see your review cycles hitting top speed? 

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