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Intuitive Review System

A review system that is intuitive and easy for anyone to use. 

Who’s it for? Anyone who needs efficient feedback from reviewers or product experts. Especially helpful for large, or remote teams working under a deadline.

Get Reviews Fast

It’s tempting to think of a document lifecycle as a series of steps that happen in quick succession

But the reality is that the time spent on each stage shifts dramatically in response to unforeseen events and bottlenecks. 

One stage that is particularly prone to slowdown is the review stage. 

Getting an hour of time from a busy Subject Matter Expert can feel like a full-time job in and of itself. 

To help ease this frustration, we at Heretto, developed a review system that is intuitive and simple for anyone to use – regardless of training.

We did this by focusing on the key aspects of the reviewers experience, namely
How they access the document, how they navigate the document, and how they edit the document. 

To send a reviewer to the document, you can setup a workflow and assign them as the reviewer. When it’s time for the review, they will receive an automated email notification with a link to the content. No printing, no software training, they just click the link and review the content within their browser.

Once within the system, it’s simple to navigate the content using the review widget. This widget allows them to jump between topics, comments, mentions, and issues

And Now that they are in the system and looking at the content, they can quickly leave comments and tracked changes. Any reviewer who has used google docs will have no problem leaving feedback. This way, they can make their edits easily and then it’s up to the writer to accept it. 

Automated workflows, easy navigation, and intuitive feedback. 

Get great reviews fast with easydita

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