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Managing and Collaborating with Remote Teams

Working Together, Even When Apart  

Who’s it for? Teams that suddenly find themselves distanced. Whether working at the same time or asynchronously, this collection of features get’s everyone on the same page. 

Feeling The “WFH” Headache?  🤕

Do you suddenly find yourself collaborating with or managing a remote team of writers?

It’s not an easy transition.

It takes a different approach both in mindset and toolset.

At Heretto, we designed our cloud-based software with remote work in mind.

Here are just three of the ways that Heretto helps remote teams function faster.

Single Source System 

How many times have you heard the question “is this the most up to date version?” With Heretto, there’s no need to ask. You have a single source of truth that becomes the centralized hub of all information. And this system includes all the little details to keep your team united.

  • Faceted search uses metadata to find what you need quickly
  • Statuses assigned to all your components of content ensure that you know what’s in progress and what’s already approved
  • And All of your reused content is linked so updates are instant and you don’t have accidental silos of detached knowledge

Real-time Collaboration

Collaboration is a bit of a buzz word, but when we use it, we’re saying that you can have your entire team working in the same document at the same time without any slowdown or file locking. You don’t always need to work together on a document, but you should always be able to.

User Management

Managing a remote team means understanding the capabilities and limits of each team member. This is all easily managed from Heretto’s dashboard. Administrators can assign different user roles to users and groups. like whether they can edit the source content or if they can only add comments. You have total control.

Heretto is a cloud-based documentation tool that lets you write, manage, review and publish all from your browser.

Get your team on the same page and working together even when apart. 

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