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Consistent PowerPoint at the Push of a Button

Save Time and Increase Consistency

Who’s it for? Teams who have to publish content to PowerPoint. Whether that’s for sales, learning and training, product information, or anything else. Save time and publish consistently.   

Automatic Formatting & Structured Reuse for PowerPoint 🙌 

How much of your team’s life has been stolen away adjusting PowerPoint slides? 

Inconsistent bullets, font sizes, spacing, re-writing content, getting that content approved…

These small tweaks add up to time hemorrhaging headaches.
But… you need those slides. Whether they’re for training, sales presentations, or something else. 

So, What if you could automate the PowerPoint formatting process and re-use content you’ve already written and approved? 

Well, now you can. 

We developed a plugin for Heretto that lets you turn your topics, into a ready-to-wow slide deck. 

We did this because your team is great at planning and writing content… But… Not so great at remembering if you use Ariel or Calibri font on your Title slide. 

It just takes three steps:

  1. Write your content in Heretto with each topic as its own slide
  2. Select the slide style for each topic
  3. And push publish

Just like that, you get beautiful PowerPoint output 

And to save even more time, Heretto lets you reuse any content in any deliverable without copying or pasting a word. 

So you can publish your slides simply by reusing content that’s already been written and reviewed.

Heretto customers have saved countless hours by automating the formatting and focusing on what works. 

It’s a fast, efficient, consistent, and scalable way to publish content. 

Consistent PowerPoint at the Push of a Button with Heretto

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