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Content Reuse

Make the Most of Every Word Your Team Writes
Who’s it for? Teams that publish similar (duplicate) content sets to multiple channels, outputs, or audiences. 

Don’t Rewrite , Don’t Copy and Paste, Reuse…

Developing content requires your valuable time and effort. 

So it’s important that you maximize the use of every word you write. 

If you were to look through all of your product content, you’d quickly find the same core ideas rewritten and reiterated repeatedly throughout multiple published locations. 

Unfortunately, that means that the same content was rewritten over and over. That’s a problem because it means:

  • Wasted time
  • Increased risk of discrepancies or inaccuracy
  • Increased time cost when it comes to updating

Now, what if, instead of re-writing, you could reuse these chunks of content so you only wrote it once?

No, I’m not talking about copying and pasting. 

Copying and pasting might save a few minutes in the short term, you still have the problem of updating and maintenance. Not to mention, you always have to tweak the pasted content due to different surrounding contexts. 

In Heretto, you don’t copy and paste a section, you reuse and link a chunk of modular content. 

And that reused content is always linked to the source content. No matter where you use it. So when you need to make an update, you only update the source content and that change is automatically reflected throughout your content.

So you can take a product description, and reuse it in a product manual, on your website, in a mobile app, a sales brochure, your support portal, your chatbot… anywhere you need. And if anything changes, updating takes minutes, not days. 

This works for content of any size. From a single word to an entire document. You have full control. 

That’s enterprise-grade content reuse made easy

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