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Schematron for Content That’s Consistent

The Content Quality Tool That Works in the Background While You Write
Who’s it for? Whether it’s business rules, structure guidelines, metadata inclusion, or something else, schmatron keeps your whole team working together.

Let’s Talk About Rules…

Whether you follow them or you set them, hopefully you recognize that thoughtful rules are important in guiding your organization. 

They serve as guardrails that keep your team moving in the right direction and protecting you from falling off a metaphorical cliff. 

But in order for these rules to be effective, you need a way to enforce them, you need a mechanism for governance – a way to ensure that they don’t just fall to the wayside and get overlooked.

With Heretto, you can build those rules into the very tool in which you create your content.

It’s called schematron and it’s basically a way to remind your team when they deviate from the rules of your content framework. 

Schematron keeps a list of all your structure and business rules And, prompts your writers whenever they forget. Things like remembering to include important metadata. 

Or remembering what element goes where. Or even remembering that you never capitalize the “e” at the beginning of your product name. 

These rules keep your content consistent and in line so you don’t have surprise errors when it’s time to publish. 

Save yourself countless hours of troubleshooting, publishing issues and frequent meetings where you once again remind everyone about that one rule that keeps getting overlooked. 

With Schematron, it’s all right there in the system, working in the background so you can focus on writing the best content. 

Now, if you want to go one step further, you can also add our HyperSTE plugin from Etteplan. HyperSTE checks your word usage, readability, spelling, and more. 

HyperSTE uses the Simplified Technical English standard to make sure your writing is both precise and readable. Think of it as the grammarly for tech writers. 

Whether it’s business rules, structure guidelines, metadata inclusion, or something else, keep your content on track with Schematron from Heretto.

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