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Version Management

Release / Branch / Merge

Who’s it for? Teams who want more flexibility and control over their content development for multiple products and/or versions. Experiment worry free while keeping an exact history.   

Feeling Shackled to Outdated Documentation Tools? ⛓️   

Version management, version control, source control… No matter what you call it, the ability to manage multiple versions of your content simultaneously is truly liberating. But, with outdated tools, that kind of liberation sounds like a content-strategy-fantasy.  

Fortunately, with Heretto, your version strategy fantasy becomes a reality. 

Heretto uses Releases and Branches to make your strategy possible. 

A release is a non-editable snapshot of your content and it’s dependencies as they currently exist. When you create a release, you’re preserving a record of your content. No matter how much your content changes in the future, you can always look back on that release and download, publish, or branch off that content. 

Branches are when you create an editable copy of your content with all the dependencies in a separate space. Perfect if you want to maintain multiple editable versions of content simultaneously. 

And then when merging those branches in Heretto, you have total control thanks to our three-way merge technology. Compare and choose the best content line by line so you can get the best outcome.

Whether you want to keep an exact history of your content, or you want to experiment worry-free, Heretto provides the tools for you to manage versions and enjoy the process. 

Now your content repository finds new life and new possibilities. With Heretto

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