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Converting Your Word Documents to DITA

Get Your Content Structured

Who’s it for? Content teams who want to get their content structured without spending a huge amount of time or money on the conversion process. There’s never been a better time to make the jump.

Do You Have the Right Tools for the Job? 🛠️

If you’re still writing documentation with word processor, then probably not.

Tools like microsoft word and google docs are very accessible for general users, but they’re simply not good enough for documentation.

Fortunately, upgrading your content standard has never been easier.

We developed a Word to DITA Converter.

And if you use google docs, don’t worry, you can download your document as a word file.

This converter works by dividing your documents into topics/or components based on the header styles.

This means that your massive document is automatically converted into smaller components of modular content that you can reuse and rearrange.

So For example, if you have one document that has 6 sections, just ensure each section title is a heading 1 style and then the converter will turn each section into it’s own component along with all the images, lists, and tables.

Finally, as if that wasn’t enough, your topics are pre-arranged within a DITA map so that the order and hierarchy is preserved despite being divided into multiple topics. \

There’s never been a better time to convert and unlock the potential of your content.

Get Your Content Structured with Heretto

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