Proprietary Versus Open Standard? 

The adoption of a content authoring and management strategy using tools with proprietary formats may mean you are effectively separating your content within your organization, and limiting the ability of others to use and benefit from it. Choosing content authoring and management tools with proprietary formats has broad strategic implications that you may not have considered.

This white paper visits five scenarios and looks at how this decision may materially limit your options from a broader business perspective:

  1. Scenario: Non-standard, Closed Formats Are Often Rejected By Development Teams
  2. Scenario: Structured Content Strategy is About Liberating Content From Silos. Proprietary Formats Are Silos.
  3. Scenario: Developing Content In Closed Formats Limits Future Capabilities
  4. Scenario: Open Formats Are Inherently Agnostic to Subject Matter
  5. Scenario: Open Standards Enable Interoperability