Managing Structured Content

Your customers and employees depend on knowledge to be accurate and readily available. By creating a quick and seamless digital experience across all your channels, you can meet and exceed those expectations.

Heretto enables you to address the underlying causes of common content challenges with a content architecture that supports you and your readers no matter what channel or output you use. Plus, built-in content management tools allow you to review and update content easily and securely.

Lightning-fast Content Production

Heretto CCMS is built to optimize the content creation process. Heretto enables users to reduce their Create-Review-Approve process by up to 60%. Product experts, authors, and reviewers can collaborate in real-time to create better documentation faster than ever.


Audit trails, eSignature, and version history are ready to pull at a moment’s notice. Heretto’s customizable workflows ensure that only the people who need to be part of a content development process are a part of it. What’s more, these workflows can include a step for eSignatures and your entire file history is securely stored in an audit history that you can access at any time.

Learning and Training

Build a component-based foundation for learning. Heretto is the fast and efficient way to create and manage learning and training content at a granular level. This level of control is perfect for learning objective-based content. When you author in Heretto, you create reusable chunks of content. Reusing this content without copy-pasting means improved efficiency, speed, and consistency across your publications. Heretto powers scalable, component-based, learning and training content development for the modern enterprise.

Translation Management

With Heretto, you save time and money throughout your document translation process. Localization service providers often charge extra to match the content to translation memory. However, with Heretto, your content is componentized and translation status is tracked for each topic. This means you only send content that needs to be updated. In fact, our users experience savings as high as 92% when compared to traditional methods of translation.


Content personalization has become a requirement for any organization seeking to create loyal customers, partners, and employees. When people interact with various digital experiences, they expect to encounter relevant information – both to their needs as an individual and to their current context. 

Personalization takes massive amounts of broadly applicable content and narrows it down to exactly the information relevant to your customer. It utilizes data to create a unique and more efficient user experience. Personalized content helps users know that the information they’re seeing is specific to their needs.

Secure Access

There are many common ways to personalize content, but you may have never considered the security benefits of personalization. It’s not all about creating engaging user experiences. Personalization can also help businesses provide secure access to information, making it a substantial organizational asset.

This is especially important in our remote-centric, digital world. Personalization for secure access means the content is filtered by what a user has access rights to see. This is important because personalization can solve tricky problems with distributing content that has secure content mixed into public or non-secure content.

Future-proof your help content

Heretto combines the content creation and management power of a Component Content Management System with the next generation of headless content deployment. When your products and services change or get updated, updating your content is a snap. No matter how your organization grows in the future, we’ll be right there with you.