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[PODCAST] Capital GEEK: With Featured Guest, Patrick Bosek


On this episode of Capital GEEK with Josh Stephens, Josh geeks out with Patrick Bosek, CEO & Co-Founder of Heretto. The product is a game-changer when it comes to managing product documentation at scale, which is an often overlooked aspect of the scaleup process.

Listen as they discuss how to scale information development in a growing organization. You’ll also hear some tidbits about the evolution and growth of Jorsek as a company. 

Featured Guest: Patrick Bosek

CEO & Co-Founder, Heretto

Since beginning with Jorsek in 2005, Patrick has worked on a wide range of projects all focused on improving authoring, production, and distribution of content. Most recently, his primary focus has been empowering the users of Heretto and generally advancing the product documentation industry.

Patrick is a software industry professional specializing in developing, productizing, and solving problems with product content software. He is a skilled developer, thoughtful manager, and passionate customer advocate. 

Host: Josh Stephens

Strategi Advisor & Fractional CTO at Elsewhere Partners. Podcast Host at CapitalGEEK.

Josh has been in the technology sector for over 25 years and has been lucky enough to have helped lead some very successful companies through hyper-growth, IPOs, and other meaningful exits. He’s deeply passionate about helping the companies he’s involved with to maximize their potential and about helping the people he works with to achieve their own vision of personal success.

His prowess is focused in the areas of product strategy, engineering, cybersecurity, branding and messaging, and M&A. 

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