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Expanding DITA Adoption

Moving beyond technical documentation

Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and Patrick Bosek, Co-Founder and CEO at Heretto for this free webinar and foray into the unknown-ish.

Watch the webinar to find out where and how else a DITA solution can be effectively used outside of technical documentation.


Meet the Presenters

PAtrick bosek

Co-Founder, CEO

Patrick is a co-founder of Heretto. Since beginning with Heretto in 2005, Patrick has worked on a wide range of projects all focused on improving authoring, production, and distribution of content. Most recently, his primary focus has been empowering the users of Heretto and generally advancing the product documentation industry.

Patrick is a software industry professional specializing in developing, productizing, and solving problems with product content software. He is a highly skilled developer, thoughtful manager, and passionate customer advocate.

Scott Abel

Founder, CEO, Chief Strategist

Known affectionately as The Content Wrangler, Scott Abel is an internationally recognized global content strategist who specializes in helping organizations deliver the right content to the right audience, anywhere, anytime, on any device, and in a language of their choosing. Scott is the Founder, CEO, and Chief Strategist at The Content Wrangler, Inc.

About the Presentation

DITA has been largely confined to technical documentation teams for a long time. It’s understandable because DITA was made by IBM for standardizing the development of technical documentation. However, DITA’s inherent design makes it a powerful tool with huge potential for departments beyond just tech docs.

What’s more, these other departments are starting to notice the payoff of DITA for tech doc teams and they want to join the party. The 2020 DITA Satisfaction Survey found that 56% of tech doc teams with successful DITA implementations reported that other departments within their company expressed interest in following suit.

In this webinar, we discuss the exciting horizon of possibilities for DITA adoption.

  • Where will DITA go next?
  • What other departments will find DITA useful?
  • How will the standard evolve once it’s increasingly adopted outside of technical documentation?

These are just a few questions this webinar will explore, but I’m not here to give too many spoilers.

You’re in the right place to learn more.

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