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Looking back at Jarod’s silken-voiced breakdown of three of your most burning DITA CCMS questions:

  • What is a DITA CCMS?
  • Why do I need a DITA CCMS?
  • How do I choose the right DITA CCMS?

This webinar is from learningDITA Live 2020, recorded on February 10-12. Hosted by Scriptorium — The Content Strategy Experts — these three days of free learning sessions took a deep dive into diverse aspects of DITA. Jarod keys in on the three listed questions lots of people have about a DITA CCMS. 

About the Presenter

Jarod Sickler is a PhD candidate in Philosophy at the University of Rochester and an Information Developer at Heretto. Most of Jarod’s time revolves around developing clear, precise, and concise content and arguments. Any remaining time, Jarod spends outdoors, with his family, and climbing rocks and ice. 

Presentation Sneak Peek

The three main questions the presentation covers are naturally broad and Jarod covers a lot of ground in the hour. He presents a holistic approach to content organization and how a Component Content Management System (CCMS) is ideal for properly organizing your DITA content. 

To paraphrase his words, merely writing content isn’t enough. You must manage your content, too. The two are incomplete without each other and Jarod dives into how a DITA CCMS brings them together while exploring the costs and benefits of using a CCMS. 

Finally, every organization is different, which means every organization’s content management needs aren’t the same across the board. Jarod walks through some tips to help you create a list of criteria essential for selecting a DITA CCMS appropriate for your organization’s needs. Without further ado, I’ll leave you with his presentation. Enjoy!

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