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Omnicell Case Study: Growing Pains to Growing Gains — How The Right CCMS Makes a Difference

Omnicell had a problem. Due to the growth they were experiencing, their content creation and management processes were no longer meeting their needs. Omnicell decided to adopt a component content management system (CCMS). The CCMS brought expected and unexpected benefits to their organization.
Jorsek’s Documentation Manager, Jarod Sickler, and Bob Meek, Omnicell’s Director of Beta Operations and Information Development, will talk about Heretto’s implementation and how it helped scale Omnicell’s content processes to move in stride with their growth.
Join us for a discussion to learn:
    • How Omnicell approached selecting and implementing a Single Source CCMS
    • How a common toolset improved team productivity
    • How quick wins are inspiring team enthusiasm and accelerating adoption

Jarod Sickler

Jarod oversees Jorsek’s documentation site and is involved in managing complex customer implementations of Heretto.

Simultaneously, he’s a Ph.D. candidate in philosophy at the University of Rochester, specializing in metaphysics and epistemology. His dissertation focuses on the role and importance of the grounding relation in the overall metaphysical structure of epistemic justification. Slowly but surely, he’s making progress on his thesis. If you’re in the market for an effective sleep aid, he’ll happily share his research with you.

Whether it’s in his research, documentation, or customer implementations, Jarod enjoys thinking through complex problems and finding the simplest and yet most powerful solution.

In his spare time, Jarod tries to convince his kids that he’s still cool. They aren’t buying it.

Bob Meek

Bob is the Director of Beta Operations and Information Development at Omnicell.
He’s a customer-focused leader with a proven record of achievement managing complex product development programs, from idea to launch. His strong interpersonal and leadership skills have helped make him equally comfortable communicating and working with technical development teams as well as top-level executives.
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