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Why We Bother to Map the Customer Journey with Noz Urbina

Customer Journey Maps (CJMs) are recognized across industries as key components to improving customer experience or the content that supports it. Why?

Especially in times of crisis, understanding the priorities and pain points of your audience is essential. Maybe you want to be more customer-centric; to increase relevance or personalize content; to cut out content that’s not driving improvements to customer experience; or to simply optimize your processes and team interactions.

Ok, great. But what do you actually change? What do you focus on this week, month or year? CJMs help align strategy to zero in on what will deliver the greatest ROI in your unique brand situation.

This episode of Coffee & Content talks about how to best build content strategies and experiences with omnichannel content strategist, Noz Urbina. Learn the benefits and the key concepts to making your CJMs better than the rest.

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Noz Urbina

Noz Urbina is a globally recognised leader in the field of content strategy and customer experience consultancy who can effectively bridge organisational and user goals. He’s well known as a pioneer in customer journey mapping and adaptive content modelling for delivering personalised, contextually relevant content experiences in an omnichannel environment. He is co-author of the book “Content Strategy: Connecting the dots between business, brand, and benefits” and lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences, Graz, Masters Programme in content strategy.

He has coached teams, developed processes and spearheaded solutions that have helped some of the world’s largest organisations leverage their content assets to stand out in their sectors while avoiding headcount increases and wasted costs. After 14 years in the content world, in 2013 he founded his consultancy: Urbina Consulting. Clients include Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals, Barclays Bank, Microsoft, ICA Retail Foods, Lloyds Register, and many more.

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