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Mapping the Customer Journey with Kevin Nichols

Listen in on a chat with enterprise content strategy guru, Kevin P. Nichols as we explore the need to map the customer journey to deliver personalized technical product content experiences at scale. Kevin defines customer journey maps versus task-based customer journeys. He shows examples of a task-based customer journey and how to use it to plan for and identify specific content for your audience. He also shows the power these tools can have for personalization, localization, and competitive differentiation in customer content experiences — and how to do it correctly.

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Kevin Nichols

Kevin is an award-winning thought leader, digital industry enthusiast and author with more than 24 years of professional experience. He was a key contributor to creating MIT OpenCourseWare, grew one of the largest content strategy teams in the world at SapientNitro and has worked on content for dozens of global brands. In 2016 he launched AvenueCX with Rebecca Schneider. At AvenueCX he works with global brands to help them improve their content and customer experiences. He is an expert on content strategy for personalization, omnichannel and enterprise content strategy. Kevin is author of Enterprise Content Strategy: A Project Guide and co-author of UX for Dummies. Kevin is also the chair of Content Strategy Alliance Best Practices initiative.

He started his career in the mid-1990s while a graduate student at Harvard University working for a Sabre Foundation, a non-profit book donation organization. His studies led him to Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he produced and significantly contributed to Nobel Laureate Physicians for Human Rights Watch website. He became a user experience lead at Sapient and later, a key architect of MITOpenCourseWare’s website where he contributed to publishing processes for an initiative that changed the face of global, online education. He went on to Molecular where he helped a global Fortune 10 brand redefine its external messaging and internal processes to support it. For the last five years he has built and led one of the strongest and largest content strategy teams in the world for SapientNitro. In June, 2015, Kevin left SapientNitro to focus on launching a company with Rebecca Schneider, AvenueCX. Kevin is committed to international human rights, especially those of refugees.

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