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Omnichannel Experiences Need Connected Content with Carrie Hane

This episode of Coffee & Content features¬†enterprise content strategist, Carrie Hane, for a discussion about the need to systematize and operationalize content production, connecting content to the people, communities, devices, and systems that require it. You’ll learn why taking a critical look at how you produce content today is essential to identifying the transformations necessary to provide exceptional personalized omnichannel content experiences at scale.

ann rockey, the mother of structured content

Carrie Hane

Carrie Hane is a creative problem solver and connector of people, processes, and technology. For more than 20 years, she has been helping organizations transform to meet the ever-changing needs of the people they serve and take advantage of the latest technology.

She is the co-author of Designing Connected Content: Plan and Model Digital Products for Today and Tomorrow (New Riders, 2018), a handbook for a pioneering approach to sustainable digital publishing.

In her current role as Head of Content Strategy Relations for the content platform Sanity,io, she advocates for designing connected content as a means to develop future-friendly structured content.

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