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The Rise of Content Atomization to Support AI and Advanced Personalization with Kathleen Pierce

Are you happy with the performance of your content engine? If not, you’ve got company. 77% B2B marketing organizations report a significant inability to drive content consumption with intended audiences. Top reasons for content waste: quality, relevance, and customizability issues. Content atomization, or the use of structured content, is one way organizations can address these challenges and create much more personalized, AI-driven customer experiences at scale.

In this episode of Coffee & Content, Forrester SiriusDecisions Principal Analyst Kathleen Pierce, shares trends and actionable insights on how to improve content performance today and make your content engine agile and adaptable for the future.

Kathleen Pierce

Kathleen is a principal analyst specializing in content operations and strategy. She has more than 25 years of experience in content, sales enablement, localization, UI/UX, process optimization, compliance, and taxonomy. Kathleen is a strong advocate for treating content like IT, finance, and HR — techniques, technology, and information that cross the organization and require personalization and integration to deliver the maximum return.

Kathleen joined Forrester through the acquisition of SiriusDecisions. Prior to SiriusDecisions, she spent 14 years at Illumina, a global biotech firm, most recently as director, global commercial enablement. She transformed its content ecosystem, building out multiple content functions for marketing, sales, R&D, and customer experience — applying the SiriusDecisions Content Operations framework and automating content personalization, localization, and sales/support enablement. She was part of numerous company-wide programs to introduce fundamental infrastructure elements such as the quality system, support website, and ERP. Prior to Illumina, Kathleen held leadership roles in content, localization, and UI/UX for companies such as Qualcomm, Hewlett-Packard, Maxwell Technologies, and Litton. In her consulting roles, she provided content strategy and development expertise for more than 20 companies in the US and Japan.

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