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Content Quality Champions: Single Source Authoring & Simplified Technical English

How do you ensure that your content is consistent and follows your brand’s guidelines? How do you begin a project that’s consistent across your technical communications? Is it an achievable goal? What results should I expect?

In this webinar, learn how the combination of Heretto’s CCMS and HyperSTE allows you to check your content against your specific style guide, as well as industry-standard grammar and terminology rules. The result is not only scalable and single-sourced content but clear and concise content across the board. Content that’s more cost-effective, brand-aligned, and ready to attract new customers.

Attendees will learn:

    • The value of combining an XML CCMS with a Grammarly-like content checker
    • A live demo of Heretto with HyperSTE that shows how the tools work together to help content creators
    • A general project plan to help you get started in achieving great results
    • An example of a customer implementation and the results

Presenter: Dushko Radevski

Dushko Radevski is a Senior Solutions Representative at Heretto. Dushko is best described as a problem solver. Every day, he invests in working closely with technical documentation teams who are looking for help with their document creation and publishing problems. Dushko is exceptional at helping identify underlying issues and bringing the most effective solutions to the table. Outside of his role at Jorsek, Dushko has an interest in languages and is currently studying German to add to his multilingual communications capabilities.

Presenter: Berry Braster

Berry Braster has been in the technical documentation field for over 18 years and has helped implement content strategies, including the use of DITA and HyperSTE controlled language software. As Technology Director at Etteplan, Berry is involved with connecting technical documentation to IoT, and how to leverage technologies like Augmented and Virtual Reality.

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