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Using Structured Content to Manage Complex Global Medical Device Content

Medical device content has no room for error. Ensuring that quality takes content organization beyond reproach.

Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, Ann Rockley, CEO for The Rockley Group, and Val Swisher, CEO for Content Rules, Inc. for a discussion about the complexities of delivering content to medical devices.

They’ll be leading a lively discussion on how well organized, structured content will enhance delivery needs to medical devices worldwide.

We don’t have to tell you that medical devices deliver complex content, so making sure it’s well structured and reliably delivered across multiple languages and formats is incredibly important.

Managing the range of these complexities can quickly become overwhelming. Our presenters are going to lean into some content must-haves to make these processes successful.

Presenter: Ann Rockley

CEO, The Rockley Group

Ann Rockley is CEO of The Rockley Group, Inc. She has an international reputation for developing multichannel content strategies and digital publishing solutions. She has been instrumental in establishing the field in content strategy, content reuse, intelligent content strategies for multichannel delivery, and content management best practices. Rockley is a frequent contributor to trade and industry publications and a keynote speaker at numerous conferences in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

Ann led Content Management Professionals, an international organization that fosters the sharing of content management information, best practices, and strategies to a prestigious eContent 100 award in 2005. Known as the “mother” of content strategy, she introduced the concept of content strategy with her best-selling book, “Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy,” now in its second edition. Ann is also the co-author of “Intelligent Content: A Primer” with Charles Cooper and Scott Abel. Ann was ranked among the top five most influential content strategists in 2010. Ann is also the primary author of “DITA 101“.

Presenter: Val Swisher

CEO, Content Rules Inc.

Val Swisher helps companies solve complex content problems by analyzing their content and how it is created. She is a well-known expert in content strategy, structured authoring, global content, content development, and terminology management. Val believes content should be easy to read, cost-effective to translate, and efficient to manage. Her customers include industry giants such as Google, Cisco, GoPro, Facebook, and Rockwell Automation. Her third book, Global Content Strategy: A Primer, was published in 2014 by XMLPress. When not working with customers, Val can be found sitting behind her sewing machine working on her latest quilt. She also makes a mean hummus.

Host: Scott Abel

Founder, CEO, Chief Strategist, The Content Wrangler

Known affectionately as The Content Wrangler, Scott Abel is an internationally recognized global content strategist who specializes in helping organizations deliver the right content to the right audience, anywhere, anytime, on any device, and in a language. Scott is the Founder, CEO, and Chief Strategist at The Content Wrangler, Inc.

About the Presentation

The globalization of medical devices content is very complex. There are numerous changes that must be tracked and used correctly such as units of measure, severity of alerts (warning vs. precaution), use of symbols, regulated statements, brand marks (trademark vs. registered trademark), drug or device names, image changes, Health Authority specific requirements and many more.

It’s not just a question of language, the language may be the same but there can be multiple permutations based on Health Authority, Region, and Country.

Most companies track the variations with massive Excel spreadsheets which are time-consuming and error prone. Language service providers may have their own method of tracking these variants and the publishing vendor, responsible for the InDesign files, may have yet another!

This session provides best practices for managing these complexities identifying how the variants can best be controlled using structured content in content creation, content management, translation, and production.

Attendees will learn about the need to:

    • Create a structured content strategy
    • Develop a content reuse strategy
    • Create a content management repository that can support the previous two points
    • Integrate translation workflows
    • Ensure quality
    • Automate publishing regardless of language and information type
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