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Best Practices for Video Creation

Because making videos isn’t as easy as you think.

Join Paul Perrotta, The Technical Communcation Wrangler, and John Baker, Content Marketing Manager at Heretto for this free webinar that explores what it really takes to put good, engaging video content together.

It’s easy to fall into the temptation of watching a few YouTube videos and passing off vlogger content as easy to produce. They do make it look easy, but it’s because they’ve got it down to a science.

Creating video content isn’t as simple as putting your face on camera and hoping you don’t stumble over your words. The process requires a great deal of foresight, planning, and several takes to get right. Even then, perfection is annoyingly elusive, so we strive to get as close as possible by practicing what’s best in the wily world of video content creation.


Presenter: John Baker

Content Marketing Manager, Heretto

John loves big ideas and answering questions. As the Content Marketing Manager at Heretto, his interests come together through video creation, white papers, articles, and diverse resources aimed at empowering others with knowledge about structured content.

Outside of work, you can find John spending time with his wife and three kids, reading most of an old book, breathing too much lacquer in his wood-shop, or cheering for Tottenham Hotspur FC.

Host: Paul Perrotta

Senior Director, Juniper Networks

Paul Perrotta is a consultant with The Content Wrangler with 30+ years of experience in leading teams and in writing and maintaining large-scale high tech product documentation. Paul works with product documentation organizations to find solutions in areas of leadership, vision, team building, and operational excellence.
Paul most recently worked in the Information Experience organization at Juniper Networks as a Senior Director leading a solutions and services team, as well as maintaining an operations role. Before that, Paul led an organization at Cisco Systems.

About the Presentation

When John started his foray into video creation, he knew veritably nothing pertinent to the process. Videography, animation, script writing, and audio production were all relative mysteries that he’s since unraveled (and continues to). In this webinar, you get to reap the rewards of his innumerable trials, errors, and successes. Learn about the process from start to finish by addressing some common video production concerns: 

  1. Should you work alone or as part of a team?
  2. Should you hire help?
  3. What are the most common video creation pitfalls?
  4. How do you write a script that effectively explains something to a new learner?
  5. What are some fundamentals of recording? (lighting, audio, teleprompter, etc.)

Whether you’re a writer, fledgling videographer, animator, or simply an interested onlooker, this webinar will offer useful tips, practical examples, and an entertaining time.


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