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There is nothing more disheartening than to be undervalued in your workplace. Eighty-five percent of the 2016 Value of Technical Communication Survey respondents have problems measuring or relating their work to the rest of the business. This webinar will go into the survey results in detail and how it can affect your company, career, and perceived worth.


The webinar will be hosted by STC on March 2, 2017, 2:00 pm-3:00 pm.

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About the Survey

This survey was designed to explore the challenges technical communicators face in quantifying their value to their companies. It includes assessments of current skill sets and time management processes. The findings are intended to help managers and technical communicators learn how to define measurable value in their work, including what tasks can be cost-effectively solved with technology, and any common barriers to success.

The theory behind the survey was that technical communicators are dealing with inadequate budgets, outdated technology, inefficient workflows, and isolation within department silos. These issues, if validated, are symptoms of an undervalued functional department within a business or organization. The management challenge we sought to uncover with the survey is how best to assess the value of technical communication and content management teams. The management problem was translated into top-level research questions designed to address these issues, including:

  • How do we define the best use of a technical communicator’s time?
  • What are the drivers and barriers that technical communicators face?
  • How do we apply specific value metrics to technical communication?
  • What skills are the most valuable to the business or organization?
  • What skills are the most highly valued and receive the highest compensation?
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