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Heretto Deploy Portal

Why do help sites matter?

When customers can’t find answers to their questions, they get frustrated and lose trust in your organization.

When employees can’t find vital information, they rewrite it, wasting time and creating a possibility for error.

Your potential customers are online, and help content is marketing content.

With Heretto Deploy Portal, you can cultivate happier employees, loyal customers, and informed prospects.

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Heretto Deploy Portal Help Site

Why Choose a Deploy Portal?

Heretto’s Deploy Portal offers a powerful way to securely provide customers, employees, and even prospects with the information they need. The portal takes the content you already publish in our system and turns it into a user-friendly — and fully-branded — help site. ​

​Each portal is a custom documentation website that is uniquely built to your organization’s needs. Using our custom integrations, you can create anything from a simple knowledge base to a high-powered help site with user permissions, personalization, and internationalization. 

Our portal is optimized for help sites in any kind of enterprise organization. Our customers include financial services, software, medical, high tech, and other highly-regulated industries. Customers that manage content in Heretto CCMS can publish to their portal with the press of a button. ​

Heretto Deploy API

Our Deploy Portal is only one of the many places you can send your content. Heretto Deploy API offers users a headless CCMS option to publish content anywhere. From chatbots and custom apps to car dashboards and medical devices, Deploy API offers endless publishing possibilities.

Heretto Deploy Portal is

Audience specific

With authentication, you can filter information based on the audience. All users, including employees and customers, can access the information that is most relevant to them.


Since all content is rendered and cached on the server, it’s immediately available whenever you need it. No more waiting around for pages to load.


Heretto Deploy Portal is with you for the long haul. With over 40,000 linked file spaces available, the Portal can handle your content however large your library grows. ​​


The content you already have in Heretto CCMS is automatically published to the portal, saving your content ops team time. Whenever content updates in Heretto CCMS, the portal automatically updates too. ​​

Setup Options

When you’re ready to get started with your portal we have a tried and true process to help you build it. Our team of experts will plan, design, brand, and configure your portal with feedback from your organization.

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