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Webinar – Heretto Editor

A while ago, we began a quest to create an editor that would usher in a new era of DITA content development. Our goal was to advance our editor beyond the expectations of what people think a DITA authoring tool and CCMS can do. We focused on what truly matters to creators and organizations alike: speed, usability, and collaboration.

We are excited to release the new version of the Heretto editor. We’re pulling back the curtain and we invite you to be one of the first to see this new editor in action.

Heretto is a Fully Collaborative System


There are three aspects of a fully collaborative system:

Real-time contributing. With Heretto, your entire team can finally work within the same document without file locking, check-in, check-out, or system slowdown. Writers, reviewers, and subject matter experts (SMEs) can all edit content, add tracked changes, and comment within your maps and topics simultaneously. Heretto is the first and only DITA XML editor that allows true real-time collaboration.

Ease of use. If your software is intimidating or difficult to use, you won’t have actual collaboration. Heretto’s streamlined and familiar interface means contributors don’t need extensive training. If they know Microsoft Word or Google Docs, they can easily use Heretto.

Single source. If your writing, reviewing, and editing takes place on copies of documents, then it’s not true collaboration. With Heretto, the topics you collaborate on are centralized and become the single source of truth. No more questions about versioning, copies, or ownership.

Feature Updates

Real-time collaboration
Topic editor modes
Drag and drop map editor
Side-by-side source editor
Rapid review widget
Fast key search
Automatically save work
Real-time validation
Schematron enforcement
And many more!
Patrick Bosek
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