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​How HubSpot Academy Uses DITA For Their Learning Platform


In this free webinar, you’ll learn how HubSpot Academy, the world’s leader in providing inbound sales, marketing, and customer service education, uses DITA to help solve their content creation, conversion, and output needs.

HubSpot’s use case is exciting and unique as it pushes the boundaries of what we typically associate with DITA. Rather than producing typical technical documentation, HubSpot is using DITA to produce:

Think you know DITA? Just wait until you see the level of flexibility and scalability that HubSpot was able to bring to their content operations through the implementation of the DITA standard.

This presentation will describe the implementation as it relates to changes in processes, tools, and employee behavior and skills.


Presenter: Jarod Sickler

Documentation Manager & Customer Success Manager, Heretto.

Jarod oversees the Jorsek documentation site and is involved in managing complex customer implementations of Heretto.

Simultaneously, he’s a Ph.D. candidate in philosophy at the University of Rochester, specializing in metaphysics and epistemology. His dissertation focuses on the role and importance of the grounding relation in the overall metaphysical structure of epistemic justification. Slowly but surely, he’s making progress on his thesis. If you’re in the market for an effective sleep aid, he’ll happily share his research with you.

Whether it’s in his research, documentation, or customer implementations, Jarod enjoys thinking through complex problems and finding the simplest and yet most powerful solution.

In his spare time, Jarod tries to convince his kids that he’s still cool. They aren’t buying it.

Presenter: Maria McCarthy

Manager, Academy Content Group, HubSpot. 

Maria started her career as an electrical engineer, with a Electrical Engineering and Physics. She worked in the nuclear industry and transitioned to project management in networks and communications. While raising 4 children, she saw the great need for STEM education and wanted to help drive equity in education. Maria completed her M.Ed in curriculum and instruction and changed my career path to STEM education, curriculum development, and instructional design. She spent time in the secondary and post-secondary classroom.

Maria loves delivering professional development to adult learners, developing eLearning, and managing learning content management systems. She is passionate about eLearning and thrives on learning about new technologies and innovating together with others. At HubSpot, she manages the Academy Operations teams, which includes learning and development, content editing, localization processes, and the content management system.

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