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Enforce your company’s business and structure rules 

Schematron is seamlessly integrated into Heretto’s authoring environment so you can validate information architecture by enforcing your business rules, specific to your organization. After all, rules don’t work when they’re ignored.

Don’t panic, nobody’s being scolded, but it’s time we had a chat about rules as they relate to your content. Your information architecture is made of many unique rules that make your content distinctly yours. When your writers create content, they’re expected to stay within those lanes. 

Those rules keep everyone on the same page and they ensure your content consistently meets or exceeds the quality that your readers expect. Consistency looks good in content. 
But, what good are any rules if they’re not being followed? You need something to help govern content and enforce content rules. Why? Because it helps your writers focus wholly on creating quality content rather than remembering specific content rules. 
Enter Schematron — something integrated into Heretto’s authoring environment — which is a way to validate information architecture by enforcing business rules specific to an organization. 
It’s cool because Schematron keeps track of all your structure and business rules in the background of the authoring interface. This way, if (realistically, when) writers deviate from one of those rules, they’ll get a prompt to correct it as they’re writing. 
Say goodbye to “surprise” errors when it comes time to publish, content troubleshooting, and wrangling people in meetings to remind them of content guidelines (for the 7th time). With Schematron watching your back, writers get to focus on what they do best: creating world-class content. 

If you’re looking to go beyond organization-specific business rules, check out our HyperSTE integration. Developed by our friends at Etteplan, HyperSTE looks at phrasing, word use, spelling, writing clarity, and more in your content created in Heretto. We like to think of it as Grammarly for technical writers. It’s a powerful tool that will only improve the quality of your organization’s content.

For a more in-depth look at Schematron in Heretto, visit our documentation: Schematron Overview

Tim Ludwig
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