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New features focused on creating rapid customer value from digital content assets.

ROCHESTER NY — Heretto, the leading SaaS provider of component content management systems (CCMS) to enterprises, announced several enhancements to the Heretto platform. These features improve both the consistency of content creation as well as the delivery of a highly personalized digital customer experience.

Heretto is a content management ecosystem to optimize the creation, control, and deployment of knowledge, product, and learning content for companies with sophisticated products and services, global audiences, or complex regulatory compliance requirements. 

The latest version of Heretto expands the deployment capabilities by including a new integration with Docusaurus, an open-source framework for building simple websites, originally developed by Facebook. Users who need to publish content to a simple, beautiful, out-of-the-box static site (1,500 topics or fewer), can now integrate with Docusaurus Static Site Generator and their preferred hosting vendors for fast and quick documentation site deployment.  

Heretto also includes expanded support for Schematron, an efficient and automated way to validate information architecture. Heretto’s Schematron implementation will automatically check rules relating to structure and business to help you adhere to content quality rules without needing to purchase and integrate an additional tool with your authoring system. Schematron works in the background as writers create content and prompts them with a notification if they deviate from preset rules. Heretto’s powerful XML authoring engine can now be enabled with full Schematron support to deliver a premium customer experience while reinforcing brand equity.  

“Jorsek’s mission is to help clients transform their knowledge assets into world-class digital experiences for their customers,” said Patrick Bosek, CEO and Co-Founder of Jorsek. “This release further enhances the ability to quickly and easily create, update, and deploy simple web content that is highly relevant, aligned with audience expectations, and truly a reflection of client reputation.”

In addition to these new features, the latest release includes various performance and ease-of-use enhancements for Heretto. For more information, please visit or call 1-877-492-2960.

About Jorsek: Jorsek is the leading provider of SaaS Knowledge Management solutions to many of the world’s top brands. The company increases customer satisfaction, efficiency, and time-to-market by providing content organizations with a powerful platform to create, control, and deploy technical and knowledge content to any audience at any time. Content can be authored, updated, recycled, translated, and published to the web, PDF, chatbots, and applications in an intuitive workflow. Global content teams can collaborate on a single document simultaneously to minimize the cost of content and increase quality and consistency. Clients include many of the world’s top companies across industries such as high-technology, manufacturing, insurance, and medical devices. Jorsek is a global company headquartered in Rochester, New York.

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