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Revamped look and feel from easyDITA highlights expanded software capabilities in Content Operations for Knowledge Management.

ROCHESTER, NY: Heretto the leading component content management system (CCMS) easyDITA is rebranding the company and its flagship product to Heretto (pronounced as: huh·ret·oh). This comes during a time of technological expansion and personalized demand across the knowledge management industry. Where easyDITA focused the majority of its resources on supporting technical publications through structured content, Heretto aims to expand its reach to encompass all content: knowledge, product, and learning content. 

“We’re stewards of structured content,” says Patrick Bosek, Heretto’s Co-Founder and CEO. “When the needs and demands of structured content evolve, it’s our job to do the same. We grow with the world we want to impact.”

Rather than leaving technical publications behind, Heretto will build upon the company’s long-established foundation in DITA to address a much broader set of challenges related to creating and delivering structured content for the world’s top companies. Heretto plans to help organizations create and publish high-quality knowledge to any audience regardless of language, channel, or location. Their mission is to help their customers create better knowledge experiences for better customer experiences, better employee experiences, and more profitable organizations.

Heretto is a ContentOps platform, a vision of what they want their customers to achieve with their content. A truly scalable enterprise content infrastructure built on interoperability and hyper-personalized knowledge experiences.

About Heretto: The Heretto content operations platform for knowledge management is a SaaS-based solution used by many of the world’s top brands. The company increases customer satisfaction, efficiency, and time-to-market by providing organizations with a powerful platform to create, control, and deploy knowledge, product, and learning content to any audience at any time. Content can be authored, updated, recycled, translated, and published to web, PDF, chatbots, and applications in an intuitive workflow. Teams can collaborate on a single document simultaneously to minimize the cost of content and increase quality and consistency from anywhere in the world. Clients include many of the world’s top companies across industries such as high-technology, manufacturing, insurance, and medical devices. Heretto is a global company headquartered in Rochester, New York.

Tim Ludwig
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