Heretto Deploy API

Heretto Deploy API offers a headless CCMS option to publish content anywhere.

Really. Anywhere.

A headless CCMS separates the content management platform from the delivery platform, making it easy to publish anywhere using the power of an API. From chatbots and customer apps to car dashboards and medical devices, Deploy API provides endless publishing possibilities.

Headless CCMS

With a headless component content management system, content is created and stored in one location, and then distributed through an application programming interface, or API. This opens up a whole new world of publishing possibilities. It also makes updating content a snap. Simply make the changes in the CCMS and the content will automatically update wherever it’s published.

Benefits of the headless CCMS architecture

Multiple Applications

See how our products can be used:

Structured Content Creation

A collaborative authoring environment built on DITA, the gold-standard of structured content.

Structured Content Management

Simplified review workflows, version control, and localization on one powerful platform.

Dynamic Omnichannel Content

Publish content to stylized PDFs, a help site portal, custom apps, and more with the click of a button.

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