Creating Structured Content

Your help content is powerful – but only if your users can actually find it. With an outdated content system, your ability to scale knowledge and provide answers to those who need them may be hindered.

But with a CCMS, you can quickly turn your disorganized, hard-to-manage content into organized, easily searchable, and relevant answers that can be published anywhere, for anyone.

The Heretto CCMS allows organizations like yours to:

  • Manage content as individual paragraphs and words instead of pages or documents
  • Maintain single-sourced versioning, so there’s one source of authority
  • Reuse content instead of re-writing or copying and pasting
  • Translate once and track updates to translated content with Translation Memory
  • Multi-channel publish to any output or system

Structured Content

Heretto’s CCMS is built on DITA, or Darwin Information Typing Architecture. DITA is the gold-standard of structured content, with an open standard that enables you to create, manage, and deploy content without limitations.

But let’s face it – getting started with structured content on your own can be difficult. Delivering the seamless digital experiences your customers want requires a level of complexity that can be intimidating for authors who aren’t trained.

That’s why we built Heretto with ease-of-use in mind. Our software provides an intuitive user experience that offers all of the benefits of structured content authoring, without the burden. 

Creating structured content in Heretto:

Intuitive Interface

Now, your authors don’t have to be structured content experts to produce expert-level results. Heretto’s UI is clean and intuitive like a familiar text editor (think Word or Google Docs). With Heretto, power users and casual contributors alike will be able to work and do what they do best: write.

Collaboration at Scale

Heretto is the only platform that supports true real-time collaboration. Your whole team can be in the same file at the same time — no file locking, no checking in and out of files. Finally, everyone can work together.


Heretto is purpose-built as a highly secure cloud-native platform that’s ready to work wherever you are – simplifying the implementation and configuration process while reducing associated costs.

Componentized Content

Heretto enables you to componentize your content so that editing, updating, and publishing your content is done in a snap. No more hunting down documents to make sure your team has the latest version or combing through your help site to ensure old product names aren’t showing up. With componentized content, you make one edit – and that component will be updated wherever it exists, all with the click of a button

Future-proof your help content

Heretto combines the content creation and management power of a Component Content Management System with the next generation of headless content deployment. So when your products and services change or get updated, updating your content is a snap. No matter how your organization grows in the future, we’ll be right there with you.